Directed and/or Produced by Nivi Pedersen



Short sci-fi drama
Directed by Nivi Pedersen
PaniNoir and Nivaara Films
in collaboration with, Ujâvaaq Pictures and NWT Arts

Anna's son, Miilu, is discussing with his fiancé if Anna should attend their wedding or not. Anna suffers from hallucinatory dementia but is already a user at e-Na, a helping equipment for people with dementia and their relatives.
An update will enable them to help her better when frightening hallucinations occur and will make it possible to have her at their wedding. So why shouldn't Miilu update Anna's e-Na equipment?

Pilluarneq Ersigiunnaarpara


Feature Documentary
Directed and Produced by Nivi Pedersen
Nivaara Films

The award winning documentary Happiness Scares Me No More is produced for the National Board of Social Services in Greenland as part of the national campaign Killiliisa - Let us Set Boundaries.

Pilluarneq Ersigiunnaarpara is a documentary about two people who have both been exposed to sexual abuse during their childhood. Gukki Nuka (53) is an artist and is now going back to his hometown Uummannaq where the abuse of him took place. Kornelia (24) is struggling anxiety today but has broken the vicious circle and is fighting to get a life with the freedom she herself wanted as a child. Freedom to dream and freedom to fight for a secure life. A freedom that both Gukki Nuka and Kornelia have dreamt of.
Through interviews with four mobile task force psychologists the situations and struggles of Gukki Nuka og Kornelia are not only put into context but the whole theme of sexual abuse is put into a more comprehensible and tangible context. 

The documentary has a broad audience and can be watched whether you have a little or a big knowledge on the subject.
However, the film is not suited for children under the age of 15. Children under 18 are to be accompanied by adults.

Out now:

(Greenlandic & Danish only)

A series of 10 episodes about sexual abuse. You may be seeking more information for personal reasons, for your friend or relative, for work related reasons or maybe because you are curious and think it is important to have more in-depth knowledge on this topic.
Host: Nivi Pedersen interviewing six mobile task force psychologists.

Greenland | Timelapses


Pilot, timelapse series
Directed by Ulannaq Ingemann
Produced by Nivi Pedersen
Ujâvaaq Pictures & Nivaara Films
With support from Visit Greenland & generous contributors through crowd funding.

The idea behind the series of Greenland Timelapses came from a fascination of different art works using time lapse techniques and the idea of combining the enthralling nature of Greenland with this technique.

The ambition is to present 5 different locations in Greenland through time lapse. In this pilot Ulannaq went to Qeqertarsuaq because it was the first location that came to mind: of the places he had been to in Greenland this was one of the most fascinating locations. The landscape is so different from the rest of Greenland and it seemed natural to start in a destination that makes even a local Greenlander drop his jaw.



Short documentary
Directed by Nivi Pedersen
Nivaara Films
Student Film, European Film College

Snow is everywhere in January in Nuuk, Greenland. Three residents here have each their troubles with shovelling snow: Uilu might be the only one who shovels outside their terrace house. Inuk is in need of new shovelling equipment while Ivik is being a good friend, helping out friends that are out of town and another dear friend whom he recently lost in an avalanche

My Students and Me


Short documentary
Directed by Nivi Pedersen
Student Film, European Film College

Since 1948 special needs people in Greenland were moved to institutions in Denmark due to lack of resources. This resulteted in many cases in the loss of language and Greenlandic identity for the people who moved to Denmark.

In this short documentary we are following Jens Brandt, a Greenlandic teacher, who since 1995 has been teaching the Greenlandic language to special needs Greenlanders living in Denmark.